A Ray of Hope


Cataract Surgery Team

Have you ever wondered how to make a difference? Have you ever imagined that something that you may do can change a person's life forever? We did, and Radiance Foundation was born. Be the difference... and together we can be a ray of hope to the hopeless.

What do we stand for

Ray of Hope


Radiance Foundation’s main objectives are to make a difference and improve the quality of lives of individuals and groups in the Western Cape by assisting them to live healthy lives and reach their full potential.  Radiance Foundation aims to drive and support meaningful projects in collaboration with prominent role players dedicated to these values.

We envisage a community where people have access to optimum health benefits and educational and career opportunities to enable them to lead healthy and productive lives.

We want to provide rays of hope and light and are striving for a world where everyone can experience healthy and fulfilled lives.

We are committed to delivering the highest industry standards for the administration of projects, and will ensure that donations for projects are legally and ethically handled.


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Public Private Health Forum                                            We had the privilege to introduce our newly found foundation and our first pilot project through which we aim to bolster cataract surgery at a Public Private Health Forum of the Western Cape Department of Health held at Lentegeur Hospital on 16 September 2014. Establishing future relationships for private public partnerships were the topic of the day. Great interest in taking this project further ....    READ MORE


Banking Details:                            Radiance Foundation                          ABSA Bank                                           Account number: 40 8512  4655          Branch code: 632 005                       SWIFT code: ABSAZAJJ

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